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Crunchy Love

About Crunchy Love Co.

The owner of Crunchy Love Co, Anna, started her business soon after her first son was born in an effort to stay home with him. For the first 2 years she made cloth diapers. Once her 2nd son was born, well that's when everything changed. She was newly postpartum - nothing seemed to fit quite right. She began making her own clothing, tailoring it to my measurements and being a crunchy mama - needed it to be breastfeeding friendly! After sharing some photos of her clothing - she came to the realization that there were a lot of moms and women in general out there that desired clothing that fit them the way they needed it to. She retired the cloth diaper side of my business and put all of her focus into custom fit women's apparel. She makes everything herself, in her home and is the sole owner of the company. She enjoys what she does and loves making other women feel empowered and confident through clothing.

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